Gloucester Citizen – TV show sees Gloucester bakery Jane’s Pantry of “Million Dollar Intern” rise to the challenges of the high street

A television show might have portrayed Gloucester business Jane’s Pantry as half-baked but the truth could not be more different.

Million Dollar Intern showed an undercover business guru at work in the business and the voice-over gave viewers the impression it was a firm not rising to the challenges of a tough economic climate.

But while the programme makers over-egged the reality for the sake of good television for owner manager Neville Morse there was considerable icing on the cake.

Ideas in the mix as a result of Million Dollar Intern have seen the company – which turns over £3.5m annually, has 10 shops and employs 100 staff – begin a rebrand process, land lucrative contracts and prepare for a £150,000 expansion of its Kings Square shop.

“All in all is was a good experience. We had emails from all over the world,” said Mr Morse, 48, who has been with the company for 32 years and broke off from handling an order for 10,000 mince pies when the Citizen telephoned.

“When we were sold the idea it was supposed to be about looking at the troubles on the British high street during the recession. When it came to screen it had changed somewhat, suggesting we were a business in trouble.”

He added: “But it did make us look at our business differently – through fresh eyes. When you are working in the business you can get a little enclosed in your own four walls.

“We didn’t like all of the ideas put forward, but we have launched a rebranding, which we have completed for our Tuffley Avenue shop, and we have plans for a 70-seater eatery alongside our Kings Square bakery and café.

“We have taken on a new business development manager (Kate Sattin) and as a result are now supplying 30 Co-op stores on our wholesale side. They want us to supply 115.”

It is this deal which has allowed Jane’s Pantry to take on an estimated extra 10 staff.

Rebranding was handled by Cheltenham-based SOZO (corr – capped up) and sees the business move from its well-known green and yellow colours to brown and cream.

“By chance those were the same colours we used from 1971 through to 1990,” said Mr Morse.

Filming was carried out by Outline Productions and the programme shown on BBC Worldwide.