DigitalSpy – Tony Blair and Nigel Farage Appear on “Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True”

Channel 4 has announced a one-off documentary about Britain’s struggles with discussing race and diversity issues.

Things We Won’t Say About Race (That Are True) is written and presented by campaigner Trevor Phillips, who has worked for 30 years at reducing discrimination and improving equality.

The programme will see Phillips speaking to UKIP leader Nigel FarageĀ about whether attempts to adopt a multi-ethnic Britain was the direct cause for the creation of his political party.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will also speak about how New Labour supported diversity and equality, and how his party’s work could continue.

Trevor Phillips said: “The dividing lines of race, religion and culture are probably the most dangerous flashpoints in Britain today – but they’re also the ones we find hardest to talk about in public.

“This film points to ways in which we can say what’s on our minds without being accused of being bigots.”

Channel 4’s Head of Specialist Factual David Glover added: “This film contains some very uncomfortable facts about race. Trevor Phillips now strongly believes that it’s important to get them out there – so ultimately we can understand and tackle them.

“Trevor is arguably the best qualified person in the country to examine these issues. What’s fascinating is that having thought so deeply about them – he now has a very different approach to the subject than he used to.”

The programme will air on Channel 4 later this year.