Broadcast – TV Critics: Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True

“Things We Won’t Say about Race That Are True may be among the most important documentaries of the decade. It is a pity the programme has generated headlines mostly for what Nigel Farage told Phillips. It is not hard to get Farage to say things even he probably does not mean.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“Densely and rather beautifully written, it had all of Phillips’ patented mix of charm, warmth and reassuring, unthreatening gravitas, and demanded more of the viewer than average. Whether you agreed with what was being said or not, there was the odd and welcome sense of being talked to as an adult by an adult.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian

“Chummy interviews with his old boss, Tony Blair, and his potential new boss, Nigel Farage, secured him lots of lovely column inches, but ultimately they showed this to be a much more personal film than was advertised. Not only are Phillips’ unsubstantiated generalisations not revelatory, but they tell us far more about the specific failure of the CRE’s approach than they do about the current state of British race relations.”
Ellen E Jones, The Independent

“What made this assault on our national self-censorship so liberating was that it was presented by the very man who had made many of these topics verboten in the first place. At times, though, Phillips seemed keener to examine his own time in charge of race relations than to probe the nation’s attitudes.”
Tow Rowley, The Telegraph