Born on The Same Day – The Daily Telegraph, 14th June 2016

The title sums up the so-simple-it’s-fiendishly-clever premise of this major new series. Each episode explores the parallel lives of three Brits born on the same day – one famous figure and two people who are less well-known, each with extraordinary stories to tell. The four-parter, based on a hit format devised in Norway, opens with the stories of Ranulph Fiennes, a distant cousin of the Royal Family, who would become the greatest explorer of his age; Ewart Rennalls from Birmingham, a first-generation Jamaican immigrant who faced racism and injustice but grew stronger; and Frances Chorlton from Leeds, whose course was set in childhood by a dreadful fire that left her heavily scarred but who went on to become foster mother to 97 children. All three were born on March 7, 1944.

Blending interviews and archive footage with emotional visits to the people and places which changed them, this fascinating film recounts the key moments in the trio’s lives, entwined with the social history of the nation. It’s an engaging, frequently emotional tale of triumph and tragedy, love and hardship, with all three stories inspiring in their contrasting ways.